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Ali dead but Thai TV makes “The Greatest” howler yet

Ali dead but Thai TV makes “The Greatest” howler yet


BANGKOK: — Thai TV reporting the death of boxing legend Muhammad Ali showed a picture of Will Smith instead.


The picture of Hollywood star Will Smith appeared as a graphic on Channel 3 and 3 HD with the caption underneath: “Muhammad Ali Dead”.

As presenter Kitti Singhapat gravely intoned the sad news on Saturday Thai time about the death in America of the legend known as “The Greatest”, the image of Will Smith appeared. It was a still from the movie “Ali” (2001) in which Smith played the boxer in a biopic depicting ten years of his epic career from 1964 to 1974 reported Manager Online.

Anchor Kitti said in a rambling explanation on Twitter that sometimes stills were taken from video by his production team and no mistake like this had been made in the previous eight years on his show (Khaw Miti 3D – 3D News). However he added: “As the man ultimately responsible I am very sorry this happened and I will take care to see that it does not happen again”.

Despite being nearly 35 years since Ali retired his face was still one of the most recognizable images on the planet and his death has dominated the news for days.

In April 2013 TV Channel 5 executives had to make a groveling apology after an image of Hollywood actress Meryl Streep from the movie “The Iron Lady” (2011) was used after legendary British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher had died.

Source: Manager Online

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